Why you need a blood pressure watch

Why you need a blood pressure watch


Both the athlete and the office worker will need a smartwatch that controls blood pressure: a blood pressure watch will tell you about the presence of dangerous changes in the state of the body. The reasons for such deterioration include physical activity, stress and even joy. The life of a modern person is full of various events that affect the state of health, and smartwatches measure blood pressure no worse than an automatic tonometer.


X-Wrist Smart Watch is a necessary gadget for the elderly. The most modern fitness watches with a tonometer not only record dangerous pressure readings but can also transmit the results obtained by these numbers, inform the owner with an audible signal and even call an ambulance.


This wrist gadget is a complex electronics consisting of a fitness bracelet, tonometer and heart rate monitor. The blood pressure watch is designed specifically to monitor health. The sensor system receives information about blood pressure and heart rate and transmits it to a smartphone or watch screen. Gadget synchronization will be required to display data on the smartphone display.


Pressure measurement is carried out by means of the accelerometer, which in such models differs in the increased sensitivity. To ensure that the readings are as correct as possible, the strap of the device must fit snugly around the wrist.


In addition to synchronization with a smartphone, the owner of a blood pressure watch can enter personal data: age, weight and height. SmartWatch may request some other information. The more correctly the required parameters are entered, the smaller the measurement error is.


To obtain pressure data with minimal error, you should:

  • put the watch on your left hand;
  • to ensure the maximum fit of the body to the hand;
  • keep in mind that accuracy depends on the rhythm of movements (important for athletes);
  • note that there may be errors in the presence of tattoos on the wrist.

The use of the blood pressure watch provides constant monitoring of your health.

Advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches with a tonometer

Any electronics has advantages and disadvantages. Among the main advantages of a blood pressure watch should be noted:

  • real-time health monitoring;
  • The universality of use (for athletes, the elderly, teenagers, etc.);
  • a lot of useful additional features;
  • reminders of physical activity;
  • the ability to automatically call an ambulance in an emergency.

As for the shortcomings, they are very few. First of all, models with a tonometer are more expensive than devices without such a function. But such health control is worth the extra because it can literally save lives. The second disadvantage is the reduction of autonomy. The constant operation of the accelerometer and other sensors requires more energy, so the watch with a pressure gauge has to be charged more often.


In inexpensive devices, the sensors are not very sensitive, so pressure measurements are to be performed at a standstill. Better watches with a tonometer do not require such rest.


As for the accuracy of pressure evaluation, even the most budget devices have an error of 20% and are not inferior to conventional automatic blood pressure monitors. Watches from the middle and upper price segments have an error of no more than 10%.


In addition to the function of estimating pressure, a blood pressure watch has many other additional functions. It reminds you of physical activity, helps calculate the number of calories burned and monitors the quality of sleep. Thus, X-Wrist combines the latest health-measurement sensors with an AI-based habit-building system that rewards you for becoming the best version of yourself.